Photo of Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi on the Laerton Tours Golden Fleece Tour
Prometheus Caves near Kutaisi, the Golden Fleece Tour with Laerton Tours
Motsameta Monastic Complex photo, on the itinerary of Laerton Tours Golden Fleece Tour

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Golden Fleece Tour

The Old Capital City of Kutaisi

From Greek mythology there is a story of great antiquity, written down by Homer and about Jason, the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. In short, Jason arrives in Georgia, looking for riches, gets together with Medea, the daughter of King Aeetes, successfully carries out a few impossible challenges to get the Golden Fleece, then elopes with Medea back to Greece, and becomes a King himself - End. The old capital of Georgia, Kutaisi, is the land of the Golden Fleece. Where exactly, nobody knows (maybe the 700 BC ruins at Vani, associated gold and Greek related artefacts on display at the archaeological museum there), but there are many historical and amazing sights around Kutaisi, which is now the third largest city in Georgia.

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If there are a specific set of places that you would like to visit, in Georgia, we can design a tour especially for you! For example, if you might wish to visit Dmanisi, or the archaeological museum near Vani. Whatever your ideas, we can quickly formulate a plan, and then take you there in the comfort of one of our people carrier vehicles, with an experienced tour guide, who has likely been there before. The cost will only be slightly more than for our standard tours. Contact Us


Destination: Kutaisi
Duration: 1 Day
Type: Group or Individual tour
From: $200
Next date: Flexible


Day 1
  • 7:00am Departure from Tbilisi, towards the City of Kutaisi.

  • Arrival at the Bagrati Cathedral, which dates to the 11th century and was built during the reign of King Bagrat III. The Cathedral was devastated by an explosion caused by the Ottoman army in 1692, which resulted in the roof to collapsing. It remained derelict and unused until 1952, when restoration work began. In recent times (as of 2015), the Cathedral has been brought back into daily use, despite some controversy about its authenticity by UNESCO. If you are lucky, you might witness a traditional Georgian wedding, where the bride and groom enter the Cathedral under a tunnel of swords held by Georgian men in traditional costume, and singing in the Georgian form of ‘a capella’. A powerful and moving experience. The ownership of the Cathedral was transferred from the State, to the Georgian Orthodox Church in 2001 and the site attracts many tourists and pilgrims.
  • 2:00 - 3:00pm Lunch break.

  • Arrival at the Gelati Monastery Complex. The complex comprises of three churches, the first being the Church of the Virgin, built in 1106 by one of Georgia’s most famous Kings, known as David the Builder. The two others are the 13th century churches of Saint George and Saint Nicholas. The monastery was for a long time one of the main intellectual and cultural centres in Georgia, specifically the so called ‘Gelati Academy’ which is said to have been founded by David the Builder himself. Indeed, for these reasons the site was granted UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1994. The complex also contains the tombs of many Georgian Kings, including David the Builder.
  • Arrival at the Sataplia Cave. The cave is particularly noted for an astonishing formation of stalactites and stalagmites. There are said to be dinosaur footprints in one part of the cave system, as well.
  • 9:00pm Return to Tbilisi.


Premium Package
  • All transportation costs
  • An English speaking Georgian Tour Guide
  • Lunch
  • Admission fees for all the tourist attractions (Museums etc.)
Basic Package
  • All transportation costs
  • An English speaking Georgian Tour Guide


Premium Package
  • $400
Basic Package
  • $200