Kakheti region photo of Ujarma Fortress on a tour of Kakheti with Laerton Tours
Photo of the Nekresi church complex on a tour of Kakheti with Laerton Tours
Photo of the Alaverdi Monastery on a tour of Kakheti with Laerton Tours

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An All-Embracing Tour

Three Unforgettable Days in Kakheti

The Kakheti region is the most south-eastern region of Georgia, and is an increasingly popular tourist destination for its history and wineries. From the 8th century, the region was a feudal principality, but first became part of the Georgian Kingdom from the 11th century. From the 16th to the early 19th century, the region was periodically under the control of the Persian Empire. Then, annexed by the Tsarist Russian Empire in 1801, and finally restored to its 11th century status by the independence of Georgia in 1991. A rich and turbulent history, leaving the picturesque landscape dotted with fortresses, castles and monasteries.

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Destination: Kakheti Region
Duration: 3 Days
Type: Group or Individual tour
From: $100
Next date: Flexible


Day 1
  • 8:00am Departure from Tbilisi, towards Ujarma.

  • Arrival at the Ujarma Fortress, a citadel which dates to the rein of King Aspacures I in the 3rd century. Later, the citadel is associated with King Vakhtang I Gorgasali, in the 4-5th century, who fought several wars against the Persians, and is said to have founded the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.
  • Arrival at the Shuamta Monastery Complex (Dzveli and Akhali Shuamta).
  • Arrival at the Ikalto Monastery Complex dated to the 6th century.
  • Arrival at the Chateau Mere Restaurant, near Telavi, for lunch and wine.
  • Guided tour around the town of Telavi, in particular the curious sight of a 900 year old sycamore tree that has a 12.4m trunk circumference and a museum that was once the palace of King Erekle II.
  • 9:00pm – Arrival at the hotel accommodation.

Day 2
  • 8:00am Departure from the hotel.

  • Arrival at the Alaverdi Monastery, some parts of which date to the 6th century, with the modern day cathedral dating to the 11th century. Monks have made wine within the monastery since at least the 8th century, and the winery is now called the “Alverdi Monastery Cellar”.
  • Arrival at Gremi, a 16th century citadel founded by King Levan of Kakheti, whose residence was within the complex. The surrounding town was razed to the ground by the armies of Shah Abbas I of Persia in 1615 and the Kakhetian capital relocated to Telavi. The remnants of a secret escape tunnel to the river below, are still in existence.
  • Arrival at the historic town of Nekresi, and specifically the recently renovated Church complex. The town was founded in the 2nd century BC and the Church dates from the 4th century AD. Here, there will be an opportunity to have a picnic (for those who wish to do so).
  • Arrival at Kvareli Lake. Kvareli Lake is particularly picturesque and there are a number of quality lakeside hotels that cater to the tourist trade. Here, it is possible to take a swim, go for a bicycle ride or go for a boat trip around the lake.
  • 21:00pm – Arrival at the hotel accommodation.

Day 3
  • 8:00am Departure from the hotel.

  • Arrival at the Lagodekhi National Park. The park has been described as one of the most beautiful places that people have seen and the scale of the mountains make it feel slightly unreal. Key attractions include the 11th century Machi (Machistsikhe) Fortress, which has about 30 towers and there are several spectacular waterfalls which can be reached via a trail. The Grouse (Rocho in Georgian) Waterfall (most impressive) can be more easily reached by horse, because the trail is quite long and rather demanding by foot.
  • Lunch can be enjoyed outside, or a picnic for those who prefer.
  • 9:00pm Return to Tbilisi.


Premium Package
  • All transportation costs
  • An English speaking Georgian Tour Guide
  • On location hotel accommodation
  • Lunch
  • Admission fees for all the tourist attractions (Museums etc.)
  • Costs for wine tasting
Basic Package
  • All transportation costs
  • An English speaking Georgian Tour Guide


Premium Package
  • 3 days with 5-6 persons - $ 450/day
  • 1 day with 3-4 persons - $ 300
  • 1 day with 1-2 persons - $ 250
Basic Package
  • 3 days with 5-6 persons - $ 220/day
  • 1 day with 3-4 persons - $ 175
  • 1 day with 1-2 persons-$ 100