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One of the most spectacular sights in Georgia, is actually in the heart of Tbilisi, itself. The most prominent landmark for the prime tourist area is the Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali. Read More

A stone statue of the king on a horse, high up on the walls surrounding the Metekhi Church, and easy to find on Google maps. From this area, the stunning sheer cliffs of the river Mtkvari will come into view, the cable car up to the Narikhala fortress can be seen and the area is packed with nice restaurants, bars and Irish pubs etc (in the upstream direction).

Within walking distance (250m in the downstream direction), there are domed red brick structures above the Sulphur Baths, natural hot springs, with a slightly sulphurous odour. If you then walk away from the river, in front of the Sulphur Baths, you eventually (passing some more nice restaurants) end up in a narrow gorge, which leads to a spectacular waterfall, at the end. This waterfall flows from the botanical gardens above, which can be reached by retracing your way up the gorge, taking the spiral stairs to the top of the gorge, and then following the tourist signs for the Botanical Gardens. These sights are less than a kilometre from Tbilisi Laerton Hotel, but you may prefer to take a guided tour initially, and experience the cable car route, as well.

There are many amazing sights in the regions of Georgia too. Perhaps the most notable are the Botanical Gardens in Batumi, overlooking the Black Sea coast. In Batumi, the climate is more tropical, and the variety of flora and fauna, from around the world, that thrive in the botanical gardens, is truly astounding. The Martvili Canyons are also spectacular, for those who are drawn to water, and on the Facebook link for Laerton Tours above, you can find a drone based video of the Martvili Canyons area. For those more interested in history, trekking, mountains, or wine, there are many tours available for these interests, as well.