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Khachapuri is probably the most well-known of Georgian cuisine. The best way to describe it is somewhere between a pizza and a bread roll with roasted cheese on top. Of course, Khachapuri is made with Georgian cheese, and there are several varieties of Khachapuri. Read More

The most common is with a soft thick based pizza type of bread with the cheese inside, or from the Samegrelo region, the cheese is also on top, sometimes with an egg.

Traditional Georgian bread is called Shotis Puri, and is made in a special baking oven. The oven is open topped, and the baker will literally kind of throw dough at the inside wall of the oven, resulting in a canoe shaped loaf, which is about 75cm long from end to end, and between 2-3cm thick. Once baked, the baker will peel the bread from the oven wall, and stack it ready for sale. Once cut, the bread can then be prised open, like pitta bread, and filled to make a kind of sandwich.

There are a variety of sauces that make Georgian food quite spicy. The most common is Tkemali sauce. This is made from sour cherry plums and garlic, with some chilli pepper, coriander and salt. Tkemali is used in Georgian cuisine, in a rather similar way to tomato ketchup, for example used to top roasted pork, or chicken, along with Georgian bread. Georgians also commonly make another type of bread called Mchadi, which is made from cornflour. Mchadi is often eaten with meat based soups, based on rice or potatoes, with black pepper.

Another favourite Georgian dish is called Khinkali. These are made from a kind of pasta, which is rolled and then cut into a circle. A minced beef sauce, spiced with black pepper is placed in the centre, and then formed into the shape of a small bag, with many folds at the top. Khinkali are then boiled together until perfectly cooked, and then served.

In the tourist areas, and in hotels, one can find more familiar world food, like pizzas, burgers, sushi and things with French fries etc., but even if some Georgian food is not to your taste, almost everybody likes Khachapuri!